Monday, September 13, 2010

Camera Troubles

I dropped my point and shoot and now it makes this crazy whirring sound. The lens must be vibrating or something because it gets crazy motion blur at slow shutter speeds. It still is ok at fast shutter speeds, but it's pretty broken. And I used to work in a camera store, so I know it's cheaper to just buy a new one. Three years was a good run.

This is a picture taken by my point and shoot at a slow shutter speed. It's really nice to have a point and shoot since my camera phone is only 1 megapixel. And I'm too shy to carry around an SLR and be seen taking pictures with it. I also really, really need a camera that will shoot HD video for school and after graduation. So I might buy one of the Canon SLRs that does HD video, then sell my current SLR for a new point and shoot. I guess that makes sense. Maybe I should just get a smart phone to eliminate the need for a point and shoot.
Great blog post, huh!?!?

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