Friday, March 25, 2011

One Thousand Posts! / The End

I've now reached 1000 posts on the photo blog!

In celebration I have two brand new-ish posts for you!

Firstly - the only blog post to ever be censored is now restored because I think the reason it was censored is now irrelevant. So here it is again, much to Nicole's chagrin, I'm sure.. enjoy Nicole's Crazy Night!!

Number Two - A long time ago I didn't know how to adjust the dates when I posted, so if I didn't get a post up before midnight, I just wouldn't post for that day. If I already had a good picture for the next day, then that first one was just lost to history. Well, it wasn't hard to figure out how to change the date on posts, so here for the first time on the blog, the post that should have gone up a few years ago... Matt Ladd singing Kokomo!!

And with that, I think the blog might be done. It's really hard to keep up with it these days, for a few reasons, which I will now ramble about.

First is a really simple technical reason: I no longer have a camera that fits in my pocket. You know how bulky and intrusive SLRs are? Very bulky and intrusive! That makes it really hard to always have a camera handy to take pictures. It also makes it hard to take candid pictures because you've got to pull out this huge obvious thing and hold it up to your face and get all the settings right. It's nowhere near as casual as a point-and-shoot and people react to SLRs differently, which makes pictures not as fun.

Secondly art school kind of ruined the blog for me. With all the heavy conceptual stuff I talked about for two years, it's hard to take this as seriously as I used to. I'm coming down from all that art school stuff and trying to be a real person again, but this still isn't what I "do" as a photographer. It's very much just to keep in touch with out of town friends. Which leads to the third point...

Point the three - The internet has obsoleted the personal blog. Facebook is now the go-to site for everything day-to-day. And probably Twitter, which I'm not on. See, technology has passed me by. April once remarked how fast I was at updating because I put up a picture right when I got home, like four hours after it had been taken. In a world of mobile everything, taking four hours to post a picture is glacially slow. Perhaps when I enter the 21st century with a smartphone, I'll post things more often. But it probably will have to be a new blog on a new site, because..

Quatro - Blogger sucks. The interface hasn't been updated in the four years I've used it, you still have to upload pictures in reverse order to get them to show up right, and it only accepts really, really low-res video. I just pointed out how not-up-with-the-times I am, so if I'm complaining about this site being not with it, it's got to be bad.

So like I said, it's just hard to keep up with and I'd rather it not be a sad shell of what it used to be. Maybe I'll post on Facebook more or get a Tumblr or whatever. I don't know, I'm sort of feeling like I don't want to add to the constant noise of the Internet these days. Do people really need to know what I ate for lunch? I don't know. Maybe I'll change my mind tomorrow and keep posting like this never happened.

Anyways, thanks for looking at my pictures for four years. I still want to keep in touch, so call me, yo!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Refusalon at the Settlement

I have a piece in the Refusalon at the Settlement in Pioneer Place.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Video Fest

I was in this tonight. I had my camera but it was super dark in the theater. I even hung out with some people afterward, but it was super dark in the restaurant we went to. Portland needs to turn on some lights!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I went to Seattle tonight to see the Dismemberment Plan!

The view from the stage during "The Ice of Boston."
Everyone seemed to like the line "Fine Mom, how's Washington?" I don't think they realized it's supposed to mean D.C.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Reorganizing my CDs is fun!

It's like finding a bunch of old friends.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Happy Birthday!

I had a good birthday --- I got dinner and a movie with friends from school. I should have taken some pictures. I am not being a good blogger these days.

Friday, March 04, 2011