Saturday, March 27, 2010

Calvin Johnson and Kimya Dawson at Backspace

What's missing in this picture? The microphone! Calvin Johnson inexplicably played tonight without going through the PA. This works great for intimate house shows, but for a medium-sized venue like Backspace with over 100 people there, it meant that only the people right next to the stage could hear the band. I was four people back and had a hard time hearing over the regular noise of people talking at the back of the club. That's when punk rock ethos should really give way to practicality. The dude's got some crazy dance moves, though.
Kimya Dawson was great though. I think tonight was the most I'd heard of her music in one sitting and it just got better throughout the set. She's really figured out how to say what needs to be said in a very personal, yet accessible, way.

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Matt S. said...

He did the same thing when I saw him do an in-store at Grimey's years ago. The second half was drowned out by the band soundchecking downstairs.