Monday, June 22, 2009

Officially a crotchety old man

So the other day I was using this Seal-It Brand packing tape:

It is really bad. It is too thin and tears and you end up wasting half the roll. Anyway, you may notice there is an email address on the roll. I got so frustrated that I sent an email to the Seal-It company. Here is the email:

"I am very unhappy with the quality of the Seal It brand packing tape. It does not unroll easily and it tears as I am using it, thus causing me to waste much of the tape as I have to peel it back around to compensate for the tear. I have been cursing your product since I bought it. I got so frustrated with your tape that I couldn't even finish the roll. I went out and bought a roll of Scotch to finish my packing needs. Their product comes off the roll easily and does not tear. If I had known how terrible your product was, I would have bought Scotch in the first place. Therefore, I believe you owe me a roll of Scotch brand packing tape. Please mail this to me. My address is below."

As soon as I sent it, I thought it was really a dumb thing to do and why am I wasting my time worrying about tape? Then I forgot about the whole thing, because I wasn't really that mad about the tape.

Then a few days later I got an email reply from the company, which I was too embarrassed to read because it was pretty dumb to get so upset about tape.

Then a few days later this free tape arrived at my doorstep:


Kendall said...

I am also on a crusade against crappy products. I am tired of paying for stuff and then it breaks or doesn't work. Next on my list is my 8 month old cell phone that the paint is peeling off of. Consumers unite!

Davis said...

Better call Nader.

Juan Horatio Horsetown said...

That doesn't look like Scotch tape. If it isn't, send it back.

Looking forward to playing with you next month.

Jamie said...

That whole story was great.