Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Classmates lining up to see my installation piece. The project was "personal to private" so I chose the idea that my race, class, and gender makes me feel pretty invisible most of the time. So I set up some typically "white" objects and tried to have them bring out this idea of invisibility. It didn't really work that well, and I pretty much knew that before I even set the thing up. On the gradient of kitschy to avant-garde, I am kitschy. That's bad.
I'm pretty grouchy about it because all the feedback I got I already know: keep it simple, pare down extraneous elements, make sure the message is getting across but don't be too blunt about it. I've been doing that in music for years. Why couldn't I make it work here?
Anyway, the strongest part of it was this video that was playing on a loop on the laptop. I should have just played the video and done away with all the other stuff.

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Dan Freeman said...

Chris, I hate to say this, but I'm seriously disappointed. Being a straight white male puts you in a very good position, and construing it as a disadvantage is misinformed, incorrect, and a bit on the whiny side. Actually its outright offensive.

By the by Edwards, is homophobic, and no self respecting liberal should vote for him.