Friday, September 12, 2008

The second time I've lived on a street named Porter

I finally have an apartment!! It has a blue door!

And red floors and a big bay window in the living room!

And another one in the bedroom!

And a red clawfoot tub!!!

So I gave up looking for a roommate and just got a one-bedroom. I answered at least 100 craigslist roommate ads and looked at 23 of those. Most of them I didn't like and the ones I did like picked someone else.

Here send me postcards and mix CDs:
024 SW Porter St
Portland, OR 97201

That zero in the address is very important. This street has a "zero" block. 24 Porter St. is a block away. Google and Mapquest don't understand this and I actually missed my initial viewing of the apartment because I was sitting in front of the wrong place. That's so weird. Also weird about this place is that it's in a part of town where highways and big roads have been cut through, so alot of the streets don't connect. I actually haven't been able to figure out how to drive into the neighborhood without taking an illegal right turn (which google and mapquest also don't realize is illegal).

But I am always fine with quirky things... and I'm not homeless anymore!


April said...

amazingly cute! please tell me it has an ugly floral wallpaper order at least. no fair.

April said...


ps-a mix cd ("the best of dancin' in tn") will make it there eventually.

Mangry said...

Why doesn't everyone live there?