Friday, September 14, 2007

Our House Got Broken Into Yesterday

Our house was broken into yesterday by a very unlucky criminal. Here are the ways she was unlucky:
- I came home just as she was leaving on her bike with two bags of our stuff.
- I recognized one of the bags she was carrying as my suitcase, thus realizing we had just been robbed.
- The cops went all out and had a helicopter and dogs looking for her.
- She ditched my suitcase around the corner from our house. It had the most important and valuable things she had stolen in it, so we got those back.
- She walked right by valuable small things like microphones, a violin, and a camera.
- One of the boxes she went through was full of things to be given to goodwill, from which she took two broken laptops.
- She cut herself pretty badly on the window she broke to get in so the cops got blood samples and fingerprints.

The small pool of blood below the broken window.

Since the suitcase was recovered, it seems she only got away with two broken laptops and a minidisc recorder. So while it was a crazy afternoon for my roommates and me, we were really lucky.


davis said...

Who cares about this? Where is a picture of me?!

Glad you and you're stuff are okay.

davis said...

your, rather.

i'm an idiot.

Michael said...

Lucky? You betcha, not everyday someone gets to experience something so REAL.

Matt said...

Sorry you had to deal with all that (despite what Michael has to say). At least she saved you a trip to
Goodwill. But then again, maybe you were looking forward to that.

jennifer said...

okay, so when i was little, our house was broken into the same way. however, the criminal was unlucky as well. first of all, we live across the street from (at the time) the chief of police. secondly, my parents were so poor, all the guy could walk away with was a cassette recorder. needless to say, the dude didn't get a thing, and cops surrounded him.

oh, and my parents were at work the whole time.

Amy said...

Wow! I'm really glad you didn't get hurt and none of your valuables got stolen. Did they catch her yet?